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Engineering Services: IDIQ Contract

Consolidated Space Operations Contract: GB57461B20

IDIQ ContractNASA's objective for the CSOC contract is to reduce the overall cost of space operations with no degradation in mission support or increase in risk. NASA seeks significant cost reductions by purchasing "turnkey" services from the private sector. Lockheed Martin is the CSOC prime contractor. AZ Technology is a CSOC subcontractor for the CSOC Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) services contract in support of Space Operations. The IDIQ contract provides a schedule of standard telemetry, tracking, and commanding (TT&C) and related mission services to potential customers. The CSOC contract covers many NASA programs including International Space Station.

The CSOC IDIQ contract provides a vehicle for NASA centers and contractors to purchase AZ Technology mission support systems and services.

Two major AZ Technology specialization areas include:



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