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Engineering Services
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Engineering Services


AZ Technology has the experience and expertise to offer our customers quick access to quality, cost competitive products and services:




  • Engineering Simulation Units
  • Water Training Models
  • Functional Trainers
  • High Fidelity Dimensional Models

Operations and Mission Support

  • Experiment Integration into Carrier
  • Real-Time Experiment Control
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Real-Time HOSC Support
  • Real-Time Troubleshooting and Analysis



  • Addresses Multiple System Verification Criteria (MSFC, ISS, PSRP, EVA, Spacelab, Spacehab, SMART, RSCE)
  • Acceptance Testing for Multiple System Criteria

Safety and Mission Assurance
System Complies with NHB5300.4 (1C) and portions of NHB5300.4 (1D-2)

  • Inspection System
  • Government Source Inspection
  • Process Controls
  • Procurement Document Controls
  • Inspection and Test Controls
  • Nonconforming Article/Material Controls
  • Successful Audits by DCMC

Some past IDIQ's AZ Technology has been involved with:
Omnibus 2000/AMS
Consolidated Space Operations Contract


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