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Distance Learning and Public Outreach

The "Multimedia Generation" relies heavily on sensory stimuli and social cues to learn. Successful distance learning programs must utilize "next generation" teaching techniques in order to interest and challenge students. AZ Technology has applied its videoconferencing and teleoperations experience to Public Outreach activities like education and business-to-business.

AZ Technology is currently supporting an educational museum exhibit called "Live From Space Station". It is a joint effort to provide real-time scientific data to schools and the public. The new millennium has changed the way we educate students and the general public. Distance Learning has evolved from "stuffy" on-line textbooks to exciting real-time scientific data analysis. Now students can get hands-on experience by monitoring atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Learn more about "Live From Space Station" . AZ Technology has partnered with TecMasters, Inc., an industry leader in Department of Defense training and education, to apply experience with Internet videoconferencing and remote data distribution techniques to develop the "next generation" of distance learning courses.

Business-to-Business Collaboration
AZ Technology has previously helped Federal/state/local agencies interact with hundreds of small businesses throughout the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor. Government agencies instructed small businesses in how to become involved in programs such as Small Business Innovative Resesarch. An Internet-based workshop was created that allowed participants to view a LIVE panel discussion, via Internet video streaming, about Tennessee Valley government programs for small businesses. The participants could also text chat live with the workshop panel as well as view powerpoint presentation documents and streaming media clips.


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