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Distance Learning and Public Outreach:
Live From Space Station™

See Live International Space Station Data!Live From Space Station Data
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut, or maybe even a specialist in mission control? In order to ensure the safety and health of the astronauts, mission control monitors and maintains all the vital components of the International Space Station. The ground support crew monitors the temperature and pressures of the Destiny Lab module to make sure the astronauts are comfortable. There are approximately 50,000 items on the ISS that have to be monitored to make sure everything is working properly. Now you, too, can monitor the cabin temperature or see how the solar array panels are storing power while they are in direct sunlight.

Live From Space Station is a joint effort to provide real-time scientific data to schools and the public. Find out more information about the "International Space Station: The Earth Tour" traveling exhibit, as well as information on the Live From Space Station contributors. Check out our Live From Space Station Partners.

Live From Space Station-Details
The International Space Station is an ideal facility to provide long-term educational resources to educators, science museums and web sites, Live From Space Stationand the general public. It is a wealth of information and as more experimenters are launched it will become an even more valuable teaching tool. Where else can you watch the effects of microgravity on plants, crystals, and even astronauts, LIVE!! Please visit our latest Live From Space Station exhibit on display at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC. Live from Space Station adds an exciting element to Space Station-related science education and public outreach programs.

Requirements for viewing the Live From Space Station web page:
You must use Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
Make sure that your browser security settings are set to ENABLE or PROMPT for all ActiveX controls. If you select prompt, please select yes to the dialog boxes that prompt you to install the ActiveX control. In your Internet Explorer browser select Tools->Options from the menubar, now select the Security tab. Select the custom level and verify the ActiveX control settings.
The display was built for a 19" monitor at 1280x1024 resolution with the web browser toolbars hidden. It will work fine with other settings but it may appear bulky.
Those with firewalls may not be able to view the data. A sure sign that it is working is to verify that the TIME under the Live From Space Station logo is showing the current date. The time will only update when the experimenter data signal is in AOS.
When viewing the display, turn up your computer speakers to hear the audio clip or read the narration for it.

Are you an Experimenter?
Live From Space Station is a great outlet for your education/public outreach (E/PO) needs. If you've been looking for a way to fulfill your E/PO requirements, look no further. Live From Space Station has a network of science museums, science web sites, and education portals to help provide your LIVE scientific data to the science interested public. In addition to providing real-time data for E/PO this application can be used by your research team. Tired of staying in the lab 24/7 to keep watch on your telemetry during a flight mission. Now, you can watch it from home or your office.
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Are you a science web portal or educational content provider?
The new millennium has changed the way we educate students and the general public. Distance Learning has evolved from "stuffy" on-line textbooks to exciting real-time scientific data analysis. Now students can get hands-on experience with monitoring atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Today's Internet viewer has a wealth of information at his fingertips, including high-tech graphics and simulations. Let Live From Space Station keep your viewers on the edge of their seats as they race through the skies with the International Space Station.
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