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Videoconferencing, VOIP, and Collaboration

AZ Technology provides innovative solutions for Internet-Protocol-based videoconferencing and workgroup collaboration. We are a dealer and reseller of industry-leading voice, video, and application-sharing conferencing hardware and software. We specialize in desktop PC conferencing, conference room systems, audio-video streaming, and integration with telephony systems. We provide a single source of products and expertise to meet our customers' requirements.

Typical Collaboration Application


  • Project Management
    distributed management collaboration, development lifecycle reviews, status/staff meetings
  • Systems Engineering and Development
    - technical interchange, on-line engineering document sharing and review, on-line training and seminars,
  • Remote User Operations
    - diagnostic support, procedure review and update, consultation with specialists, real-time Web-based data streaming,
    - NASA IVoDS – voice-over IP
  • Telemedicine
  • Hospital to remote clinic, home care,
  • Distance learning, training
  • Webcasts, live Web pages, science museum exhibits,...

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Multi-Point Videoconferencing
with Application Sharing

Live Training Webcast
Live Training Webcast

Products, services, and custom engineering for:

  • Collaboration among distributed work groups via Internets and Intranets: voice, video, application-sharing
  • Virtual organizations
  • Business-to-business communications
  • Mission-support communications

Our Experience:

Tailoring Systems to Customer Requirements:

  • Consulting, Development and Integration
  • Mission Operations Environments: IVoDS


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