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Wireless Handheld Solutions

AZ Technology can provide integrated and customized wireless handheld solutions for:
Handheld Wireless

  • Business - To allow a mobile sales force to securely connect to corporate sales, inventory, and customer relations management systems while on a customer visit. No need to return to the office to submit orders or check shipping status.
  • Manufacturing - To allow operators to monitor health and status of automated processes. Corrective action can be commanded immediately if problems arise.
  • Emergency Response - To allow 'first responders' to file reports and transmit images from the disaster scene. Information is immediately available to off-site disaster management personnel to coordinate relief efforts.
  • Entertainment - To allow subscribers to view live or on-demand sports, news, or movies from anywhere.
  • Medical - To allow health care professionals to securely monitor patient status and remotely submit diagnosis.
    All solutions written in Java2 MicroEdition (J2ME) for compatibility with a wide range of wireless PDA and phones. Solutions also compatible with nation-wide cellular phone services and WiFi networks. This image shows a prototype display developed under contract with NASA to securely monitor live voice, video, and data from space station.

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