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AZ Technology’s information technology department grew out of the need for embedded processors and data acquisition requirements for our space flight experiments. AZ was the first company to implement a real-time telemetry download system for an automated experiment on the Russian Space Station Mir. This lead directly to the VoIP system developed for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) under the federal government’s Small Business Innovation Research Program, which was designed to give experimenters remote access to the International Space Station. Not only is it still being used today, but AZ Technology was recently involved in installing it with the replacement keyset hardware across the entire agency.

AZ also develops all the data acquisition and embedded software for our line of laboratory and space instruments and services and supports the user community around the world. AZ Technology currently supports the Unified NASA Information Technology Services (UNITeS) program.

-Applications and Web Services:  
  • Have provided support for the Unified NASA Information Technology Services (UNITeS) program as a sub-contractor to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) since 2004, providing software development, web development, data base development, help desk support and training support services. The original 5 year contract was extended in 2008.
AZ Provides IT Support for NASA
-Embedded Software for Instruments:  
  • Develop all the data acquisition and embedded software for our line of laboratory and space instruments.
  • Support the user community around the world.
AZ Optical Properties Measurement Instrument
-Videoconferencing, VoIP, and Collaboration:  
  • Provide innovative solutions for Internet-Protocol-based videoconferencing and workgroup collaboration.
  • A dealer and reseller of industry-leading voice, video, and application-sharing conferencing hardware and software.
  • Desktop PC conferencing, conference room systems, audio-video streaming, and integration with telephony systems.
-Teleoperations and Data Acquisition:  
  • Experience with payload support and telemetry data acquisition, automation and manufacturing, telemedicine, telescience, aircraft telemetry and large facility monitoring expertise.
-Distance Learning and Public Outreach  
  • Successful distance learning programs must utilize "next generation" teaching techniques in order to interest and challenge students.
  • AZ Technology has applied its videoconferencing and teleoperations experience to Public Outreach activities like education and business-to-business.
Distance Learning
  -Wireless Handheld Solutions:    
  • To support a mobile sales force giving secure connection to corporate sales, inventory, and customer relations management systems.
  • Allows operators to monitor performance and status of automated processes.
  • Allows 'first responders' in emergencies to send reports and images from disaster scene.
  • Allows subscribers to view live or on-demand sports, news, or movies from anywhere.
  • Allows health care professionals to securely monitor patient status and submit diagnosis.
  • Written in Java for compatibility with a wide range of wireless PDA, phones and WiFi networks.
  • Prototype developed under contract with NASA to securely monitor live voice, video, and data from space station.
Wireless Handheld Solutions

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