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AZ-3700-LSW Low Thermal Emittance, Electrostatic Dissipative Paint / Coating

AZ Technology’s new low thermal emittance paint / coating was developed for use on spacecraft surfaces exposed to the deleterious effects of  vehicle launch and space environment. Design objectives were to produce an electrostatic dissipative low emittance coating with an alpha over emittance value close to one.  

AZ-3700-LSW is a high temperature electrostatic dissipative (ESD) type coating, based on a low offgasing organic silicone type binder, that can be spray deposited with high-volume low-pressure systems onto large complex surfaces with minimal difficulty.  AZ-3700-LSW uses a self priming binder, so that use of a primer is not required.

View a typical reflectance curve for AZ-3700-LSW.

The table below lists the typical electrical, thermal optical and application parameters of cured AZ-3700-LSW.

*Nominal Surface Resistivity 1X106 to 1X109 Ω/sq
*Thermal Emittance (ε_t) Typically: 0.25 to 0.33
*Solar Absorptance (α_s) Typically: 0.22 to 0.25 at ≥ 1.25 mils thickness
Use Temperature Range -180C to 600C (no long duration test data available)
Appearance/Color Nonspecular metallic gray
*Nominal Dry Thickness 1.0 to 2.0 mils
ASTM D3359A Adhesion Grade Not less than 3A (Al Substrate)
Full Cure 7 days at ambient
**ASTM 595 TWL/WVR/CVM % 0.047% / 0.035% /0.010%

*Tailorable property, **Based on similarity

Note: terms reflectance, emittance and absorptance and terms reflectivity, emissivity and absorptivity are often used interchangeably.


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