LPSR 300 V attached to AZ's Custom Built Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber
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LPSR 300LPSR 300

The Laboratory Portable SpectroReflectometer (LPSR) is a unique integrating sphere instrument for easily and quickly measuring total hemispherical spectral reflectance of almost any surface. The instrument makes measurements from 250-2800nm. The LPSR incorporates unique optical, mechanical, and electronic designs to provide state-of-the-art performance in a compact portable instrument. The LPSR has been designed for use both in the field for measuring the extended surfaces of operational or development hardware and for use in the laboratory on test specimens of varying sizes. The LSPR measures solar absorbance in accordance with ASTM E903. The LSPR 300 is also available in a vacuum chamber compatible version; LSPR 300V.

The LPSR 300 Windows XP graphical user interface provides one button operation for standard measurement scans or selectable options for measurements. The automatic operation provides user selectable starting and ending wavelength band and step size within the instrument range. The measurements plot displays spectral reflectance values vs. wavelength. Automatic integration of the reflectance data is performed to calculate and display solar absorbance. A manual operation mode provides for user selectable lamp, detector, wavelength, slit width, and gain.

The internal hard drive provides ample storage for thousands of full measurement scans which is extremely useful for field measurements as well as convenience in the laboratory environment. An integrated optical database manager with presentation quality graphics package allows easy manipulation and comparisons of stored measurements.

The LPSR 300 is a standalone system requiring no additional hardware. Interface ports are provided for an external monitor and keyboard.

The table below lists specifications for the LPSR 300.

Wavelength 250 to 2800 nm
Monochromatic Type Prism, with selectable wavelength and slit width
Repeatability -250 to 2500 nm- ± 1%
-2500 to 2800 nm- ± 2 %
Sample sizes 0.5 inches in diameter or larger
Measurement type Spectral Total Hemispherical Reflectance
Spectral resolution with automatic slit control

-250 to 2500 nm - better than 5% of wavelength
-2500 to 2800 nm - better than 8% of wavelength

Full scan measurement time Less than 2 minutes
Power required 115 VAC/60 Hz


-Measurement Head: 10 x 12 x 8 inches
-PC/Power Box: 9 x 16 x 20 inches
-Instrument Head Carrying Case: 10 x 11.5 x 16 inches

Weight -Measurement Head: 15 Pounds
-PC/Power Box: 35 Pounds
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

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