LPSR 300 V attached to AZ's Custom Built Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber
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Simulated Space Environment Effects Testing System (SEET)

Simulated Space Environment Effects Testing System (SEETS) with LPSR 300V Attached
Simulated Space Environment Effects Testing System (SEETS) with LPSR 300V attached

Our Ultra-high vacuum chamber allows for insitu tesing and measurement of optical properties within a simulated space environment. (See also our space effects measurement service):

  • Equipped with a 1600 Watt SpectraPhysics ultraviolet (UV) light source and a 150 Watt Hamamatsu Deuterium vacuum untraviolet (VUV) light source. The UV source uses a water filter to minimize sample heating, upgradeable by adding both low energy Electron Flood Gun and Proton Sources;
  • Insitu measurement of total spectral hemispherical reflectance and solar alpha can be made by utilizing AZ Technology's LPSR-300V insitu spectroreflectometer; (Wavelength range: 250-2800nm; Measurement time two minutes per sample);
  • Twelve 1"x.75" samples can be exposed simultaneously;
    • Types of samples include:
      • powder,
      • thin films,
      • coatings;
    • Temperature controlled -30 C to 100 C
    • Sample tray transfer mechanism between exposure and measurement chambers utilizes a retractable linear magnetic translator attachment,
    • The sample tray's orientation is horizontal.
  • Vacuum system is UHV and utilizes both ion and turbo pumps. Operational vacuum level is ~10-9 Torr and the sample exposure chamber is ion pumped.
  • Insitu monitoring of irradiance utilizes an insitu fiber optic probe for spectral radiometer data of the UV source and a NIST calibrated detector for the VUV source.

*Note: terms reflectance, emittance and absorptance and terms reflectivity, emissivity and absorptivity are often used interchangeably. Spectroreflectometer, spectro-reflectometer and spectral reflectometer are also used interchangeably.


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