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LSS-100, Laser Source Simulator with PRF Coding

Depiction of LSS Laser Source Simulator in use

The AZ Technology LSS-100 Laser Source Simulator generates simulated optical laser signals encoded with PRF codes for operational, testing of seekers on laser-designated weapons. The LSS-100 represents a cost-effective method to perform seeker system operational readiness tests just prior to mission.

*The LSS-100 is Export-Controlled as Defined in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


  • Portable, hand-held, battery powered
  • Simulated 1064 nm laser source
  • Eye safe LED light source
  • Nominal 50 nsec pulse width
  • Low pulse-to-pulse time/amplitude jitter
  • Encodes all valid PRF values
  • Direct input of PRF codes
  • Proven compatibility with Hellfire and Hellfire II seekers

The table below lists specifications for the LSS-100 Laser Source Simulator.

Emitter -Type: LED
-Peak Wavelength: 1050nm ± 50 nm
-Wavelength Half Width: 70 nm
-Illumination Angle: ± 15 degrees
Power source - Source: Standard 9 volt battery
- Duration: Continuous Pulse Use ≥ 5 hours


4.0 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches

Operating temperature 0 to 140 degrees F
Effective range ≥ 10 feet
Time base accuracy 1 part-per-million
Warranty 90 days parts and labor

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