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Products and Services

In addition to the ability to provide broad services and custom developed programs and products, AZ Technology has a line of standard products and services available for purchase listed below with links to details.

For additional information on instruments, paints and coatings, contact us at:

For additional information on testing and measurements, contact us at:

-Product Line of Materials and Paints/Coatings:  
  • Thermal control paints/coatings
  • Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) paints/coatings
  • Spacecraft and satallite thermal control and ESD paints
  • Colored marker paints used for all NASA, ESA and other logos on International Space Station
AZ's Thermal Control Coatings Designed for Space and Terrestrial Applications
  -Application, Processing and Development:    
  • Development of paints with tailored optical (UV, visible, NIR, FIR), electrical conductivity, thermal emittance and solar reflectance.
  • Specialized for space and other harsh environments.
  • Application of coatings to complex surfaces.
Pigment Development  
-Optical Properties Measurement on Materials and Coatings:  
  • Total hemispherical reflectance
  • Solar absorptance, α_s (solar reflectance) .
  • Thermal emittance, ε_t.
  • Most coatings, materials and surfaces; from roofing and other building materials to satellites other spacecraft.
  • LEED certification, SRI
  • ASTM E408, ASTM E903
  • ASTM E1918, ASTM E1980, ASTM C1549, ASTM C1371
Optical Properties Measurement of Materials
  -Physical Tests for Characterization of Paints/ Coatings:    
  • Adhesion
  • Flexibility
  • Abrasion and Impact resistance
  • Thickness
  • Electrical resistivity or conductivity
  • Resistance to UV exposure
  • Density analysis
  • Viscosity, Percent pigment, percent solids.
Characterization of the Physical Properties of Paints and Coatings  
  -Space Environment Effects (SEE) Testing:    
  • AZ custom built ultra-high vacuum chamber
  • Designed for coatings and other thin materials
  • Solar UV and vacuum UV exposure testing
  • In-situ optical properties measurement
Testing Materials for Space within an Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber  
-Optical Properties Measurement Instruments:  
  • Solar absorption, emittance, reflectance and transmittance, SRI
  • Lab Portable Spectral Reflectometer (LPSR 300)
  • Portable emissometer/reflectometer (TEMP 2000A, recognized replacement for the Gier Dunkle DB-100)
  • Portable emissometer/reflectometer and solar reflectometer (TESA 2000)
  • Lab Portable Infrared Reflectometer (LPIR FT)
Interior of AZ Instrument
-Custom Built Instruments:  
  • Optical properties
  • Far infrared reflectometer
  • Laser scatterometer
  • Simulated space environment
AZ's Custom-built Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber
-Spaceflight Hardware  
  • Optical properties monitor flown on MiR Space Station
  • Space Portable Spectroreflectometer used on MiR Space Station
  • 270V Battery module for X38 escape vehicle
International Space Station
Laser Source Simulator
Laser Source Simulator with Missile

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