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AZ Technology has expertise and experience in optical/experimental flight hardware development, scientific and engineering research/services, commercial optics hardware development, and thermal control and protective coatings for space applications. Our experience as flight experiment developers and Principle Investigators is invaluable. We ARE end users, and this helps us build tools to support other end users.

Our major projects include the Optical Properties Monitor (OPM), the Space Portable SpectroReflectometer (SPSR), and the X-38 Crew Return Vehicle Flight Battery Module.

Many of our current line of products are directly related to our spaceflight systems work. The OPM provided space exposure data for many of our current line of spacecraft coatings. The OPM monitored the space environment in its vicinity as well as optical properties of samples exposed to space and communicated these measurements to Earth. And it had the ability to be controlled from Earth. This lead directly to the VoIP system AZ developed for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), which gave experimenters remote access to the International Space Station. As well, our line of portable laboratory optical measurement instruments are direct descendents of the SPSR.

-Optical Properties Monitor (OPM):  
First Joint U.S. Russian Spacewalk to Install AZ's OPM
-Space Portable SpectroReflectometer:  
  • In-space inspection instrument for non-destructive, quantitative engineering evaluation of spacecraft exterior surfaces.
  • Used on exterior of Russian MIR spacestation.
  • Intent to be flown again and used on ISS
Space Shuttle Docked to Russian Space Station MIR
-270 V Flight Battery Module for X-38 CRV:  
  • 270V rechargeable nickel cadmium cells
  • Concept Crew Return Vehicle for the International Space Station (ISS)
International Space Station

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